Political Wisdom
Rob Nijhoff
Does faith belong in politics? According to Rob Nijhof it most certainly does. Everyone has some deep convictions that shape the way in which one conducts politics. People can be inspired to...
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From 7.5
The Osirian Codex
Yuyah Mika el Ben Shimon

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From 16.19
The Osirian Codex
Yuyah Mika el Ben Shimon
The Osirian Codex was written as if were three sage scribes each having a different point of views but in essence all of them are looking at the same thing from different windows. This literary work...
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From 3.92
Venezuela Human Rights and democracy (1999-2009)
Carlos González Irago
This study aims to understand the centrality of human rights in Venezuela today and what philosophical and political models it has proposed.
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From 3.92
The Book Of Djehuti
José Miguel Báez

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From 11.32
Michael Frayn

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From 9.74
Psychosurgery - The Birth of a New Scientific Paradigm
Zbigniew Kotowicz
This book deals with the theory that mental illness is an illness of the brain. With the advent of psychosurgery the theory entered the experimental stage; now the era of direct intervention in the...
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From 8
We Stand before the Secret of the World
Paul Scott Derrick
Diez ensayos publicados con anterioridad que, en conjunto, tienen la finalidad de proporcionar un debate coherente de la filosofía antisistemática del trascendentalismo americano y la forma en que se...
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From 9.08
Ethics DeMYSTiFieD : Hard Stuff Made Easy
Newman Micah
This step-by-step approach untangles the complexities of ethics for readers studying in a course or on their own
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From 17.85
The limits of knowledge and the limits of science
José Carlos Bermejo Barrera
This is an essay on the possibility and limits of knowledge, in general, and scientific knowledge, in particular. In Chapter 1 the postulates of Kantian critical philosophy are broadened to make...
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From 8.5
Philosophy DeMYSTiFied
Arp & Robert Watson & Jamie Carlin
The DEEP and MEANINGFUL way to learn PHILOSOPHYTrying to understand philosophy but feeling a bit skeptical? It's time to listen to reason! Philosophy Demystified helps you grasp both fundamental and...
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From 20.29
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