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Our Incredible Shrinking Planet
Simon J. Lewis
Our Incredible Shrinking Planet explores the possibility that gravity slowly increases over millennia forcing the Earth to become more massive and crush itself under the pressure. Scientists cannot...
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Introduction to finite element method
Varios Autores
This text is designed for those who already know structural calculation. It starts with the simple exercise of reformulating the direct stiffness method using matrices. The aim is to allow the...
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Wild Flowers of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park (Spanish Pyrenees)
José Luis Benito Alonso
This field guide is illustrated with more than 275 full-colour plates. It shows 174 singular flowers that are present in Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park (Spanish Pyrenees) ISBN...
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Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data
Michael Greenacre, Raul Primicerio
Biological diversity is the product of the interaction between many species, be they marine, plant or animal life, and of the many limiting factors that characterize the environment in which the...
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Analytic Geometry
Mario Ing. Castillo

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From 9.04
Analytic Geometry
Ing. Mario Castillo
For the soluton of the problems this book Include are: the commonly solution used in The analytic geometry subjet, and the graphic Solutions using matlab language with the Purpose help at the...
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From 4.39
The Original Energy Theory
Elier Eng
The Original Energy Theory; Photogenesis In this book the author Elier Eng addresses the most controversial question of humanity: The origin of the universe and the origin of life. Elier Eng...
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From 10.99
National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) 2012 Handbook
Marne, David
Achieve full 2012 NESC compliance with this hands-on guide Designed to be used alongside the Code itself, McGraw-Hill's National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) 2012 Handbook provides a rule-by-rule...
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From 81.8
Pere Alberch
Diego Rasskin-Gutman, Miquel de Renzi
Este volumen presenta tres ensayos originales de Pere Alberch, destacado biólogo español del siglo XX, que analizan la importancia histórica y filosófica de su trabajo en el desarrollo de la...
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From 13.62
How to Do Everything Genealogy 3/E
Morgan, George G.
A renowned genealogy expert reveals how to mine the global wealth of digital and print ancestry recordsFully updated to cover social networking, new census data, and the latest research tools, How to...
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From 22.72
Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers. Second Edition
Zeiger, Mimi
Provides immediate help for anyone preparing a biomedical paper by givin specific advice on organizing the components of the paper, effective writing techniques, writing an effective results...
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From 58.13
Practice Makes Perfect Trigonometry
Wheater, Carolyn
Don't be tripped up by trigonometry. Master this math with practice, practice, practice!Practice Makes Perfect: Trigonometry is a comprehensive guide and workbook that covers all the basics of...
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From 12.72
The TAB™ Guide to Vacuum Tube Audio: Understanding and Building Tube Amps
Whitaker, Jerry
Incorporate the "tube sound" into your home audio systemLearn how to work with vacuum tubes and construct high-quality audio amplifiers on your workbench with help from this hands-on resource. The...
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From 36.36
Schaum's 3,000 Solved Problems in Calculus
Mendelson, Elliott
Facing Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time? Fortunately for you, there's Schaum's. More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them succeed in the classroom and on...
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From 26.36
Objective-C for iPhone Developers, A Beginner's Guide
Brannan, James
Essential Skills--Made Easy!Create your own iPhone and Mac OS X applications with ease. Objective-C for iPhone Developers: A Beginner's Guide shows you how to use the Objective-C programming...
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From 36.35
Digital Leader: 5 Simple Keys to Success and Influence
Erik, Qualman
Practical, profound, and a remarkably enjoyable read, Digital Leader is a 21st century manifesto for leveraging technology to become a better leader and help your   employees, family, and...
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From 22.72
Build Your Own Small Wind Power System
Shea, Kevin, Howard, Brian Clark
A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO BUILDING A SMALL WIND POWER SYSTEM FROM THE GROUND UPWritten by renewable energy experts, this hands-on resource provides the technical information and easy-to-follow...
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From 22.72
General Aviation Law 3/E
Eichenberger, Jerry
Sound, up-to-date advice on legal issues affecting all general aviation pilotsGeneral Aviation Law, Third Edition is a must-have legal guide for those who work in aviation, including mechanics,...
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From 36.36
The Killing Zone: How & Why Pilots Die
Craig, Paul
This literal survival guide for new pilots identifies "the killing zone," the 40-250 flight hours during which unseasoned aviators are likely to commit lethal mistakes. Presents the statistics of how...
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From 27.22
Aviation Maintenance Management
Kinnison, Harry
This unique resource covers aircraft maintenance program development and operations from a managerial as well as technical perspective.  Readers will learn how to save money by minimizing...
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From 57.22
Photodetection and Measurement : Making Effective Optical Measurements for an Acceptable Cost
Johnson, Mark
Photodetection   techniques are becoming increasingly necessary for electronics design work This reference provides a practical "rules of thumb" approach to making accurate optical measurements...
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From 72.67
Your Pilot's License
Eichenberger, Jerry
* A "must" guide containing comprehensive and straight-to-the-point advice on current issues concerning a pilot's license--from how much it costs to regulations and requirements* Fully updated, this...
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From 19.95
The Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook

Featuring the newest VFR -- as well as IFR -- regulations and procedures, this new edition includes the most current information needed to become proficient in the area of radio communications.
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From 31.77
Understanding Big Data: Analytics for Enterprise Class Hadoop and Streaming Data
Big Data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization, and IBM is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate this transformation. This book reveals how IBM is leveraging open source Big...
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From 18.18
Prevention and Control of Sewer System Overflows, 3e - MOP FD-17
Water Environment Federation
The Latest Sewer System Overflow Prevention Methods Fully revised throughout, this Water Environment Federation resource provides up-to-date information necessary to help managers and engineers...
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From 99.98
Your Pilots License 8/E
Eichenberger, Jerry
TAKE TO THE SKIES WITH THIS FULLY UPDATED, DEFINITIVE GUIDE FOR AVIATORS IN TRAINING"An outstanding resource for anyone interested in getting a pilot's license." -- Private Pilot Written in an...
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From 22.72
Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, 5th Edition
Gibilisco, Stan
Up-to-date, easy-to-follow coverage of electricity and electronicsIn Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, Fifth Edition, a master teacher provides step-by-step lessons in electricity and...
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From 31.81
Semantic alignment in the context of agent interaction
Manuel Atencia
La tesis central de este libro es que en los casos de interacción entre dos o más agentes, el alineamiento semántico debe adaptarse al tipo de interacción. Se presenta el modelo Situated Semantic...
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From 8.26
Chemistry 2
Mario Uriarte
"Written in the same format as Chemistry 1, this is the second volume of the chemistry notes for bicultural high school students, which fully accomplish the programmatic units of the current...
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From 13.27
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