Journal of creative industries and cultural studies
Paulo Faustino, Terry Flew
The Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies JOCIS, a scientific international publication, aims to stimulate the production, sharing, dissemination and transference of knowledge about...
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North and South: The United States, the European Union and the Developing World
Cristina Crespo Palomares, David García Cantalapiedra
This Book compiles a selection of articles from the 6th Transatlantic Studies Conference entitled "North and South: The United States, the European Union and the Developing World", held at Instituto...
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Facts are Sacred
Simon Rogers

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Hebrew manuscripts in the Toledo Cathedral Library
Gabriel Angulo
Catalog of the Hebrew manuscripts housed in the Archivo Capitular in the Toledo Cathedral Library. This very fine collection of Hebrew books was donated to the Cathedral by Cardinal Francisco Javier...
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Rethinking Education Ethhnography
Sofia Marques da Silva (Ed.), Paolo Landri (Ed.)
Ethnography, by its characteristics, has revealed a durable and interesting capacity to mediate the knowledge between different worlds, exploring cultural practices from the inside and in different...
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McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2010 Edition
Harvard Law School s top-scoring studentsshow you how to get an Ivy League score on the LSAT This popular guide by recognized experts is the onemore students trust! The authors are Harvard LawSchool...
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McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology, 2010
More than 150 articles explore the latest advances in science and   technologyFor more than 45 years, this annual publication has made information on the latest trends and developments in...
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